Gala Avanpremiere


Finally I have found the time to write about the Gala Avanpremiere I was invited to a few days ago, a fashion show, probably the most important one in the country, which reunites several Romanian fashion designers, and this time they presented their Spring/Summer 2012 collections. Take a look:


Anca & Silvia Negulescu: I loved their collections, a few pieces really spoke to me and I loved the metallic pieces with a ruffled silhouette, it reminded me of a Sci-Fi romance; and all the details were stunning, and to me that is important.




anca silvia2 3

anca silvia 2

Rue des Trucs: Nude colors mixed with cold antarctic blue, simple and yet refined silhouettes were mostly highlighted by the exquisite jewellery, I especially loved the spooned-shaped necklace.

rue des trucs2

rue des trucs

Iris Serban: she always has dramatic collections, story telling and well, beautiful dresses. I loved the fabrics, drapings and the general idea which I think speaks for itself.




Natalia Vasiliev: it's clearly she created a beautiful romantic collection;, the gowns are irresistible, the layers of ruffles and the draping lures you into a haute couture world, you simply can't dislike this collection. The only problem I had was with some of the jewelery pieces, which I thought to be too heavy for the already sophisticated dresses.




Carmen Secareanu didn't impress me much; sure, the soft fabrics and transparencies really reminded me of Spring, but let's just say that the aesthetic is not in my taste, plus.. I really think those shoes belong there.


Silvia Serban's
collection was transforming: one short dress became a longer one, or different jackets turned into other pieces. Deconstruction is okay, but I have seen it too much already, plus some pieces didn't belong there, but all in all it was a decent collection.


Teodora Baciu had shiny fabrics mixed with graphics. Sounds interesting, and she did a decent job, the dresses are clean and I loved the asymmetry regarding the sleeves on some dresses, makes it a lot more interesting, but still, I wished she would've have dared more.



I thank Costin for taking the first and last photo of me, he was a dear.

Which was your favorite? Can't wait to see your comments!

I was wearing a no name jacket, thrifted scarf, Terranova pants, New Look top, Bershka sweater and Leonardo boots.


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