Blue Layers







My flatmate just received a black cat with amber eyes, in too much need of love, it's almost exhausting! Don't get me wrong, she is adorable and lovable, she follows me everywhere I go and she almost makes me step on her and yesterday she fell asleep on my leg while I was sketching for my school project. To be a cat..must be very royal. You eat, sleep and seek for lots of love without much effort.
On to my outfit.. layers and again layers! I can't get enough of them and I wish I could find all sorts of clothes to play dress up!

The nameless cat got suck behind the closet and after a few minutes of struggle, she came out looking at me with a "It wasn't me!" face. Hilarious.

Wearing: Zara dress, thrifted sweater, random brand shoes, Stradivarius blazer, New Yorker bag, Kittenhood earrings.


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