Fashion Exhibition

Today I went to a fashion exhibition held at the ASE (Academy of Economic Studies) which consists of works made by fashion students at my University throughout the years. Take a sneak peak, it's good!

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These beautiful handmade costumes are just divine! They took my breath away, not all of them were good, but still.. the details and the amount of work you put in these, really is demanding.

zz 546 copy

Next are dresses, or should I say gowns made out of paper! Isn't it interesting?

zz 487 copy

zz 485 copy

And this is what I wore for the day at the atelier and then I went straight to the exhibition. As you see I opted for quite a casual look, tried some layers and accents of colors, but I really wanted to be simple since I had some errands to run afterwards.

zz 533 copy

zz 528 copy

Hope you liked the photos! If you are from Romania, go and see it; it's delightfull. Enjoy !

Wearing: Outlet jeans, Leonardo boots, thrift shirt, Peacocks cardigan, Takko jacket, Jack Skellington bag, no name scarf.


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