Like an Ice Cream


I arrived home on Wednesday night and only today I finally got the chance to take some photos, with difficulty, thanks to the sun shining way to bright in the sky and the unappealing streets. Oh well; my back hurts for carrying four huge bags down four floors because the elevator decided to be out of order -__- great. While I am here, my family prepares for Easter ( we celebrate it a week after the Catholic one) which means I will be eating lots of goodies, I went out with friends and I found this minty top in a thrift shop which I am veeeeeeery excited about. Looks like ice-cream, yum!
I have in plan to do lots of school-related stuff and for myself too, but I will fail miserably I can feel it, so I best be going to my lecture - currently reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley - and make a list of what to buy as soon as I get back to Bucharest ( I have a talent in wasting money)







Wearing: thrifted top, vintage skirt, Mondex tights, H&M shoes, self-made bracelts.


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