Here's to the 25% of my Irish heritage...

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I've officially celebrated St. Patrick's Day for about 3 days straight. 

That's a lot for a not-so-major holiday.

Face- Mac MSF Medium +, Mac Springsheen Blush, Dior Highlighter (Amber Diamond), NARS Laguna
Eyes-  Mac-"Naked Lunch," "Soft Brown," TheBalm's "Lead Zeppelin on crease, outer V, Mac "Brulé" for highlight, L'oreal Liquid Liner, Mac Fascinating Eye Kohl, Ardell Lashes (104)
Lips- Lush's Lip Tint in "Latte"

Making Lilly's tshirt: DIY Bow Back Cutouts!!
Step One: Make slits in the back of the shirt (slip cardboard in between the front and back!)

Step Two: Use small pieces of other fabric for the center of the bows
Step Three: MOD PODGE time! (Preferably use fabric glue- I didn't have any)
Step Four: Make your bows :) !

The final product!  (Bonus points if you spot a piercing in this photo....)

Off to the NYC parade we went....

In our full get-ups.

Shout out to Steve.

T'was a grand old time.

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day!

"Prepare for mirth, for mirth becomes a feast."

Cheers, x


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