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It's been a lovely week at home, but it's finally time for me to be back in the city. [Thank GOD!]

I snapped this photo on my way in this afternoon, and I think it came out rather pretty.

Although this photo has absolutely no connotation of the typical chaos of Manhattan- it is a peaceful still of the drive past the Hudson on the West Side Highway.

Last week, I spent some time in the city with Miss Lindsey Marie

Naturally, as we prepped to go out, I snagged some photos of Lindsey's morning ritual. 
This obviously included some shots of yes, makeup!

Spotted: Ecotools Powder Brush, Mac MSF Foundation/ Powder, TheBalm's NUDE'tude Palette

We went thrifting at perhaps my FAVORITE thrift store I've found so far in Manahattan, Beacon's Closet. These are some items I purchased on a few of my trips to this store-

Gold Triangle Necklace, Silver Arrow Necklace, "The Empress" Tarot Card Jewlery Plate, Pipe Earrings (Yes, I'm aware there is a missing black part on the right earring- I need to hot glue it back!), and Crystal Stone Chandelier Earrings

Beacon's Closet has really cool jewelry, apparel, and shoes. It's also a great place to sell back some of your own clothing!

After thrifiting, we went to Max Brennar's..... 

Chocolate Fondue........ <3

After Linds' visit, it was time for me to go home for spring break. For some reason, it didn't look as Spring-y as I would've liked it to.

Ah, suburbia.

Check out my cute DIY I did while I was home. I got to break out some Martha Stewart Glitter Glue [Insert Peace Sign Emoji]

I also did A LOT of St. Patrick's Day Shopping, stay tuned for my post on that, but in the meantime::

How cute is this shirt?! (Urban, $24)

Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day & Weekend !

"And to be merry best becomes you; for, out of question, you were born in
a merry hour."
[Much Ado About Nothing 2.1]

Cheers, x
- A
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