Sapphire Blue Yeti


 I found this magnificent crazy blue wool coat in a thrift store somewhere in Cluj, it was my first time entering the place and lucky for me, this beauty was waiting for me to give it a home. And I have to thank my boyfriend for taking pity on me since I was flat broke and I had sad puppy eyes when I left it on the shelf. Needless to say it was more puffy and huge that it already is so I had to alter it a bit and now I am happy with it. And you can't imagine how warm it is! 
Today marks the first day of snow! It snowed a bit and I was excited like a little girl, and I wish I had a macro lens to photograph the beautiful snowflakes that rested on me ..but oh well, can't have it all. yyt6 yyt1 yyt2 yyt7 yyt5 yyt4 yyt 

 Wearing: thrifted coat, Bershka sweater, gifted skirt, no name boots, Mondex tights, rose ring from Meli Melo, the others from H&M


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