Winter Wonderland..


..Or the "Not so Glamorous Outfit" - that was an alternative for the title post. Because Winter has installed in one day when it snowed without stopping, and after I saw the amount of snow outside I had no mood for heeled boots or looking feminine. I just wanted to feel cozy, able to play in the snow a little. Needless to say, we were wet up to our ankles, those boots didn't help me at all (actually I don't even own, nor did I ever, a pair of proper boots that keep my feet DRY!) That part really is frustrating.
 This is also the first year, in many years that it snowed BEFORE Christmas. I remember being a little girl and how excited I was that exactly on Christmas Eve it started felt magical somehow. So now I am glad for this, I hope it will last until the holidays (after that I get bored with it). 
Oh, and for those who have seen the sweater before, you can see that I added some tiny details on it, I had a little fun with it and I am pleased with the result. Like? snn5 snn8 snn4 snn3 snn7 snn6 snn2

Happy Monday darlings! 

 Wearing: thrifted sweater, Stradivarius socks and scarf, New Yorker bag, random brand coat and hat.



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