The charm of old times


 Yesterday has been a long day, but nonetheless quite fun despite the fact that my feet ended up like a war zone. I went with the girls for a coffee on the other side of the city at one of their place and.. by foot. We decided to walk and I was ok with the idea given the fact that I had small heels and I could handle it. Yeah..I did, splendidly. By the time I got up on the hill I felt a bit uncomfortable but as soon as I put my shoes back on, oh mama.. it felt like walking with razor blades shoes. Most of you know what I'm talking about. So... I am now on a "flat shoe diet", though they hurt too. 
Anyway, walking around we encountered a street with soooo many beautiful old mansions, of which I simply fell in love with - if I could live there I would be the happiest person ever - and I decided to enter the gate and take some photos, just imagine at the top of those stairs a huge house with a beautiful garden. I was afraid to linger too much there, I imagined an old countess or something setting three dogs on me. Next time for sure I will explore the zone as much as I can.

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Wearing: thrifted H&M skirt, random brand shoes, H&M top and necklace, vintage earrings, Primark bag


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