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Object : 01. "Gelato" Bath and Body Works Candle- I just purchased this on my last trip to Bath and Body Works with Miss Lindsey, and we were both really drawn to the unique smell. It's not overly sweet- it's kind of sweet and sour but it totally smells like candy and goodness. Not to mention it's a pretty pale pink and complements my room decor very nicely!


02. Stila "Kitten" Eyeshadow- This is a gorgeous champagne eyeshadow that can be used for the lid or  brow highlight. I love wearing this foiled on my lids for a nice shimmery summer eye. Check out how to foil this in my last post. 

03. Mac's Rubenesque Paint Pot- One of my favorite Mac Paint Pots, especially for summer. This color looks gorgeous on its own, but also does enhance any pink or gold shadows. I would most definitely recommend purchasing this for summer!

04. Mac's Soft Brown Eyeshadow- I have been obsessed with this color this month- I've been using it in my crease every day! It's a matte, soft brown color that is perfect to deepen up any eye look.

05. Maybelline's Rocket Mascara- Once again, this has been a product I've been reaching for about every day this month. I love the consistency and brush of this particular mascara. 

06. Bath & Body Works Hydra Glass and Mac's Tinted Lip Balm in Cheery Cheery- With summer just around the corner, it's super important to be wearing SPF on your lips! I've been reaching for these two the most this month, for they have the sun protection I need and are pretty high shine glosses!

07. Mac's Marilyn Monroe Blush in "The Perfect Cheek" and Benefit's HOOLA Bronzer- I've been loving the matte combination of these two for blush & contour. Matte blushes and bronzers are brilliant for those hot summer days.

Scrubs/ Hair
08. Ocean Salt by Lush- My by far favorite face and body exfoliator for summer. It smells absolutely amazing and fresh and when used as a face scrub, it does a great job brightening your complexion. 

09. Retread by Lush- I'm FINALLY using this conditioner again! I took a break from using Lush products for my hair for a little- but I'm so happy I'm using this one again. This is an awesome conditioner- makes your hair silky smooth to the touch. I definitely recommend this one!

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10. Love this Cross Tee from Forever 21. Perfect with high waisted shorts or a cute summer skirt.


I had this piece of paper stuck with the rest of the stuff on my little inspiration board at my desk, and I really like this word... (just thought I'd share).

01. My OOTN the other night, 02. Meg's Birthday, 03. Military hatting, 04. And finally my last Freshman week at school!

"Journeys end in lovers meeting”
[Twelfth Night. 2.3]

Cheers! x

P.S.. obsessed, obv...


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