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In lieu of the fact that I just got my third iPhone 5 in 5 months- [yes, I said THIRD- I've suffered from many phone causalities in the past few months- I shattered my first one's screen, and the lock broke on my second- don't worry though, I had insurance..] I thought it would be interesting to do a post sharing with you guys my favorite APPS!

Here's what my new iPhone 5 looks like now::


01. Instagram- I think this one's pretty self explanatory, and I haven't met people who don't like or don't use this one. It's pretty, has complementary colors and symmetry, and it's fun. That is all.
02. Facebook- This is obviously another must and is pretty self explanatory. 
03. Twitter- A need for me, in light of the fact that I love to quote my friends' ridiculous commentary as it comes.
04. Blogger/ Tumblr- I threw these two together, but if you're a blogger of any kind, it's always good to have an app around for when you get bored!
05. Snapchat- nuff' said.

Now the fun stuff:
For photo editing--
06. Afterlight- This is one of my FAVORITE photo editors of all time! It has really cool filters, frames, and allows you to edit the brightness, saturation, etc. 
07. Squaready- Another awesome one that allows you to create your own sort of frame for any photo (i.e you can move the photo to the left/ right, make the frame huge/small)
08. Pixlromatic- Another one of my favorites, the filters and cool edits you can make to photos is incredible in this one. Really cool for making vintage effects.
09. PicFrame- This app is like 200% better than PicStitch guys, it essentially does the same thing minus any "picstitch" trademark stuff. 
10. Lumie- This one is pretty cool as well, and allows you to add sweet star/heart/cosmic effects that I've never seen in any other photo editor!
11. A Beautiful Mess- Created by one of my favorite blogs, this app is adorable and so fun for editing photos.
12. Fisheye- This is a great app if you want a cheaper and easier alternative than a real fish eye lens (lol).

Photos created with BeautifulMess: 

Photo created with Fisheye:

Photo created with Squaready:

Finally, another one of my favorite Apps for my phone is CocoPPa!
This app creates short-cut apps that allow you to have cool looking application squares for your programs!

As you can see, I've changed my Tumblr, Blogger, Snapchat, Insta, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Apps.

These apps make my iPhone way cuter and more efficient for me!

"Who ever loved that loved not at first sight?" >> APPS, obviously :)
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