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01: Sushi on the beach (Spicy Tuna/ California Rolls). 02: Ode to 5 Wakeman- we're going to miss you<|3. 03: Lindsey's favorite GUAC @ Cheesecake. 04: New in: Sam Edelman Sandals!>> love these. 05: HC's Senior Showcase I attended with Miss Lindsey- nostalgia! 06: Cotton Candy Starbucks Frap (Secret Menu)- ask for a Vanilla Bean Frap with a pump of Raspberry! 07: Hats- 'nuff said. 08: Salad @ California Pizza Kitchen. 09: Cleaning Meg's closet (or not really so much)


"Cupid is a knavish lad, thus to make poor females mad"
[Midsummer 3.2]

Cheers, x


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