Earth's hidden Wonders


It's finished!! Finally this semester's project is concluded and I have a full week all to myself! I was so exhausted after too many wasted nights (I got to see the sunrise several times though, which was nice) and well, I know I should've worked sooner but the satisfaction is even greater when you see the fruit of your work after long struggles. 
The theme was the five elements of the Chinese Zodiac, you know, Metal, Wood, Water, Earth and Fire. We had to research the structures these elements create in nature, which are so many and so beautiful and choose one. I chose Earth and my attention turned not to the surface of it, but beneath it. I was thinking about minerals and crystals. I was inspired by onyx stones, malachites and especially agates. I wanted to recreate their amazing structures but at the same time I didn't want the same perfect result they present, so I "loosen up" the connections so to say, to create a dynamic movement on the surface. And as I mentioned before..I used color, naturally. I am quite pleased with the result.
 Looking forward in hearing your thoughts!

ada4 ada6 ada3 ada ada5



 This is where I started from..


 And some sketches of a hypothetical collection..

  3031 32 

 Model: Ada Mocanu 
Makeup, styling: me 

 Thank you a million times for their help and support!



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