Preview of one of the major fashion events in Romania!


 Yesterday evening I had the pleasure to attend the UAD Gala, meaning our very own fashion students presented their graduate collections just like I did last year in Bucharest. I must say though, the differences between the two events (even if they intend to be the same thing) are so big, I just couldn't comprehend why is it so. 
First, there is the location, which was a hotel so glamorous, so grand, so amazing which provided another important thing: the space - huge space, everybody could attend and had a seat! Then there is this feeling of an important event, and it actually is in our country, since you get to go there based on invitation only. And there were journalists, photographers, TV personalities, you know..the important people.
  Everything was beautiful and very well put together. From the stage, to the lights and the collections themselves, I was utterly amazed by the whole event. Plus, I got a very great spot to take pictures, but I will show them soon enough. For now I leave you with some of the backstage ones and a sneak peak of what you are going to expect from these marvelous students.

  galauadgalauad1 galauad6 galauad7 galauad2 galauad12 galauad3 galauad8 galauad11 galauad10 galauad4 galauad9 galauad0 

 I was wearing: Bershka pants, LJR top, H&M necklace, vintage bag, random brand shoes.



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