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I am obsessed with Brandy Melville muscle tees. I think they're super cute, comfortable, and perfect for summer. As much as I do love the flowy BM muscle tees, they range from about $18-$20 a piece, which is a lot for such a tiny bit of fabric when you think about it. Here's an easy DIY on making your own BM- style muscle tees with old tee shirts you already own!

- A shirt with sleeves (tees will work fine)
- A muscle tee you already own (this makes the measurement easier)
- Scissors
- Sharpie!

01: Lay your shirt out on a flat surface- a large table or the floor will do just fine.
02: Lay the muscle tee you already own onto the shirt you're going to cut. Make sure the collars and bottom hems line up!
03: Line up the bottom of the arm-hole of the muscle tee to the parallel spot it hits on the other shirt.
04: Dot a line around the muscle tee onto the other shirt with a Sharpie. Follow the same steps on the other side!
05: CUT AWAY! 
06: This is a really important step to make the shirt looks similar to Brandy Melville style shirts- place your hands on the top and bottom of the cuts you just made and pull the fabric. This way, it will create the flowy large arm-holes like the BM shirts have! 
And finally, you're done!

I also did this with a cute Beastie Boys shirt I got from Forever 21...

Happy creating!

"He wears the rose of youth upon him"
[Antony & Cleo 3.13]

Cheers, x


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