Sunny Summer Days


 Too much sun, too much heat all of the sudden! Honestly, I don't really like taking photos at noon, at such times you can't find a bit of shade, but it was the only time I stepped out of the house since I begun working like a crazy person to finish University projects, to run some errands and luckily I was with Ada who was kind enough to sacrifice herself and her sunglasses for the sake of my blog. Thank you dear! 
So, Summer is here, two more weeks left of my Master's first year, color blocks everywhere - you'll see soon what I mean - and well, trying not to get too distracted by the idea of sipping cocktails on a beach.. Wish me luck with that!

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 Wearing: Atmosphere shirt, thrifted skirt, vintage belt, Parfois old earrings, thrifted Primark bag, no name shoes



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