That T-shirt filled with Wonder


 I received this top from the lovely people over at Tshirt Factory the other day and I couldn't wait to see the result and to wear it! I decided this time to make a design which features my blog's header; not necessarily to advertise it but because it is something very dear to me, something I have been working on for almost three years now. Gosh, how time flies! 
I wanted to pair it with something bold, something that you would think " oh, these don't fit together". Alas, they did in my opinion. Why not dare? 
I am so tired right now, I've been wandering around in the almighty search of a perfect fabric for my University project, I barely managed to take these photos..and then there was the matter of the cold, rainy weather which gladly likes to annoy me. 
See you later guys, work awaits me! 

 Am primit acest tricou de curand de la Tshirt Factory, un site minunat de care v-am mai vorbit AICI. Tricourile lor sunt foarte calitative, iar de data aceasta am ales sa imi imprim header-ul blogului meu, nu neaparat pentru a face publicitate, ci pentru ca imi este foarte drag mie. Am decis sa il stilizez intr-un mod indraznet, alaturi de aceasta fusta cu imprimeu floral, care la inceput ai putea spune ca nu se potrivesc, dar in opinia mea merg perfect! De ce sa nu indraznim, nu?

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Wearing: vintage skirt and bag, Tshirt Factory top, no name earrings and shoes, H&M bracelets.


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