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01: Tanning by Miss Lilly's pool- despite getting burnt, it was absolutely lovely! 02: Amanda picked this adorable tea box up for me- most definitely up my alley! 03: Manicure this week: Essie's Penny Talk- beautiful copper color. 04: Amanda and I dined at Lolita's earlier this week: the grapefruit ice palate cleanser w/ dry ice & the menu. 05: Lolita's again- Amanda's funny "pun" she decided to write on the bathroom stall w/chalk. 06: Lobster salad from RGB- nomm. 07: The tanning maniac I am (Marc Jacobs bikini top & blue Hollister bottom) 08: My brief visit to my home away from home (Columbus Circle 59th). 09: Current read- Stephen King's Joyland (Stay tuned for a blog post on this one- I'm loving it so far!)

"Pleasure and action make the hours seem short"
[Othello 2.3]


P.S- catchy....


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