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I can feel the Mac blood in me run cold, as I must admit I stopped using Mac's MSF in Medium Plus. That powder has been my favorite face powder for years, but alas, as the world progresses, so does my skin apparently. I will probably still purchase Mac's MSF in Medium Plus for some occasions / when I do makeup on others, however I've truly found a better powder that I've been absolutely loving: Makeup Forever's Pro> Finish Powder in #163.

This is a miracle product for oily skin. Now, I've never really had oily skin until about a few months ago, when I noticed a lot more shine on my face throughout the day. As it turns out, just as anything else, skin changes. So as a warning, you may not always have dry | oily skin your entire life.

The Pro> Finish powder is loose and matte when applied to the face alone, but can have a dewy (almost coverage-like) finish when mixed with a mixing medium or water.

I simply love the packaging as well, for it comes with a compact mirror as well as a flat foundation sponge (very user-friendly if you don't have specific makeup brushes). 

I personally like to apply this loosely with a Sephora #50 Face Brush! I find it's the easier using a big brush when setting one's tinted moisturizer/ foundation/ concealer (whatever you use!). 

This powder is completely matte, and I think that's what makes me love it the most. It helps you maintain clear-looking, beautiful skin throughout the day. I can definitely say, I've noticed a change in the way my makeup wears whilst daily use. It's quite long lasting.

I would most definitely recommend this product for all of you makeup connoisseurs! (#163 is my shade> for reference)

"My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground: 
And yet by heaven, I think my love as rare, 

As any she belied with false compare" 
[Shakespeare's Sonnet 130]

Cheers! x

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