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01. Photoshoot with Lindsey for our lookbook collab last week, quickchanging in a public park is fun..lol. 02. House party I threw on Monday night- HC girls reunion! 03. Momma's birthday on Thursday! 04. Ain't Laurent without Yves shirt I recieved from Shopjeen this week! 05. Amazing Raspberry Tart Dessert from Jack and I's favorite restaurant on Madison Ave, Serafina's! 06. Apparently, my excited face, for the beanie I ordered from Shopjeen came in as well. 07. The 'greatest people you will ever meet' posing in The Cheesecake Factory. 08. Lilly, discovering the wonders of an old house [built in 1926]. (Yes, there is a slot in my front door for the mail). 09. One of my favorite places on earth, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. As I captioned in my Instagram the other day, I'll never get enough of that place.

"The undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveler returns"
[Hamlet 3.1]

Cheers! x


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