Pre Fall 2012

It's not been a long time since designers began showing their pre-fall collections, now there are so many and it seems fashion is growing too fast. In the beginning I was confused about these presentations, I thought "what was the point of pre-fall?" And still, it's not as popular as the Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer season, but of course buyers pay attention and so are the passionate customers. The problem is, these products live too little. And even so, with so many collections, don't you feel confused about trends and..even inspiration? Too many to choose from.
Anyway here are two collections that thrilled me the most; first Missoni, one of my favorite brands:
I love the prints and the looks, so urban and ethnic at the same time.



And then... there is Jonathan Saunders, with his amazing bold colors, which I adore (see previous outfit post) and the cute sixties.

j saunders 2

j saunders

What's your favorite?


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