A touch of rust




Too much gray is giving me depression and I chose my fresh new boots for a drop of color and a - maybe too matchy-matchy bag - to go with them them, but they are perfect together, wouldn't you say? And just for once, I am matching the wall behind me too.
It's been quite a relaxed day at University and even though a lot of work awaits me, I still don't have the power to arrange all the pieces together for a perfect result. Perhaps my cat is persuading me to procrastinate (I should stop blaming the poor creature).
What do you think of these photos? I really like my new lenses, if only I could find time and a free photographer to make photos somewhere where no walls and concrete exists!

P.S. The little bow from my shirt is made by my father to my mother a looong time ago, I have a bunch of them, they are so lovely!





Wearing: New Look boots, Terranova pants, vintage shirt and bag, Kara sweater, Calvin Klein jacket, and very old bow accessory.


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