theBalm's Nude'tude Palette ♡ Review

Packaging: I adore just about any of theBalm's packaging, but I especially love the adorable vintage font and look of this palette. The front has a nice contrast with the mix of the big lettered print "NUDE" and the delicate, cute, script "'tude"! The background reminds me of nude toned vintage photographs and it really gives the palette a nostalgic feel. 

The back is just a little overview of the inside of the palette (i.e swatches of the colors, a photo of the brush).

First Look: Loving the adorable vintage looking illustrations! (Palette has 12 shades and comes with an eyeshadow/liner brush)

Shadows: The combination and range of these shades has a good balance of both warm and cool tones.

"Sassy"- a frosty, pigmented white- a little of this color goes a long way so I'd suggest not packing too much on your highlight brush.
"Stubborn"- a champagney-pink toned shimmer, great for the lid. 
"Selfish"- a really nice shimmery brown with grey undertone. I'd call this probably the most "cool-toned" color in the palette. Definitely amazing for a crease color and I'd use a dome shaped brush (like a Mac 217) to blend with this one.
"Sophisticated"- A gorgeous deep brown shimmer, great for a smokey eye. I'd say this color is a bit lighter than Urban Decay's Darkhorse and kind of similar to the darker shade in NARS' Cordura duo.
"Sexy"- I adore this color because it's honestly the first one of it's kind in my collection! This is a matte maroon shade that's really nicely pigmented, and it's a rare color to find so I love that they added this one! 
"Serious"- a matte black, pretty much a great dupe for both Urban Decay's Blackout and Mac's Carbon.
"Snobby"- this is another color that is pretty unique to this palette, it's a nice goldish-champagney yellow, and I'd say this is a dupe for Urban Decay's Blunt.
"Stand-offish"- another, lighter, champagney-pink. This is pretty close dupe for Urban Decay's Sin. 
"Sultry"- a deep soft brown that I've been loving in my crease. This is pretty close to Mac's Soft Brown, that is, if Mac's Soft Brown had shimmer in it. I love applying this one with my Mac 217 as well.
"Seductive"- This color reminds me a lot of Mac's Woodwinked (perhaps with less of a gold sheen) but it's a really nice transition color between the lid and the crease.
"Silly"- This is perhaps the coolest color in the palette, it's a shimmery dark brown with maroon sparkle. I've never seen an eyeshadow that is similar to this, so I'd definitely recommend it if you're on the lookout for exotic shades.
"Sleek"- a deep brown that is another great shade for a smokey eye!


Overall, I really like this palette because it includes awesome basic shades as well as really different and unique colors that allow for creativity during everyday use!

"If it be a sin to covet honor, I am the most offending soul."
[Henry V.4.3]

Cheers! x


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