Red Hues


Something like a little red riding hood right? Except that I don't have a hood. FINALLY my project for University it's ooooover and I can sleep and just enjoy being a couch potato. I still have two more exams but comparing to the amount of work and stress I had to put up with this past week or maybe more, they are nothing. I will show you these days what I have been doing, I just need to structure it properly and to finish with all my exams. Phew, this final year is killing me. Anyway, here is a outfit I wanted to wear for quite some time, I just didn't find the courage to face the freezing weather in skirt (I am actually wearing two pair of tights here) and here is a fresh skirt I made for myself from a fabric perfect for cold season, the texture is soft and the shape is really my current obsession. I am beginning to like the 1950s more now.
And the shoes are my newest acquisition from H&M, and I love them dearly!







Wearing: vintage coat and bag, self-made skirt, Mondex tights, H&M shoes, random brand sweater


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