In the cold light of day.


I promised you photos with my latest design soon, but you have to wait a little more, because some last minute stuff popped up and I had to take care of them. These are photos I took at University at the mercy of my friend. I've had a few days off from courses, to work on my graduation collection, so I haven't really got the chance to find a photographer and take outfit shots. You know I prefer to take them when I am outside and not fake them and dress up as something for 10 minutes and then go back inside. It feels weird. I don't know about you, but it just doesn't feel natural to me. I started this blog with the idea to record my daily outfits, what I wear in certain locations and events, so I am going to stick with that.
I watched the Oscars last night, it was broadcasted live, here at abput 3 AM , so I stayed up pretty much all night watching pretty dresses and try feeling the moment actors feel when they walk up that stage and take their award. You know, I have mentally composed my Oscar speech even though I do not plan on acting any time soon, but just for the fun of it. Please tell me I am not the only one..





Yep, there is still some snow here, actually it's very dirty and..wet; it's very annoying, you can't imagine how filthy my shoes got when I got back home.

Wearing: Bershka jacket, Only jeans, thrifted sweater, Reserved bag, H&M boots.


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