Autumn Weekly Wears ♡ Twenty Thirteen

Yes, ladies and gents, my hair is red! I've been pretty bored with my hair lately so I decided to give it some (tasteful!) color! (Stay tuned for a hair care post for color treated hair coming soon!)

Today was a pretty chilly day here in Manhattan, so I put together this cute look that is warmer than it appears...

I paired this adorable black silk blouse from Forever 21 (loveee this high collar) with my black skater skirt, also from Forever 21. Hidden underneath my blazer, I sported a black sweater from Urban Outfitters to keep warm! I topped this off with my tan wool blazer from J.Crew! (Note; wool is a secret weapon when it comes to cold weather! Look for wool jackets to keep your layers at a minimum)

I sported my sweet orange round sunnies from Necessary Clothing as well!

Finally, I paired this all with black sheer tights and black high knee socks from Urban Outfitters, my black Steve Madden Combat boots, and a vintage red bag! The mix of the orange-red sunnies and the red bag really brought out my new red deep hair color! The red on my lips is YSL #04!

♡ Photography : Avery Bart ♡

Happy November!

"There's no art to find the mind's construction in the face"
[Macbeth 1.4]

Cheers! x


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