Color Care ♡ Twenty Thirteen

♡ Photograph by Avery Bart 

As you guys may have noticed, my hair is now red! I've got it done red a few times before (about once a year since my Junior year of high school, so for the past 3 winters). Red hair is extremely hard to maintain, so I'm gonna share with you guys my tips to color care!


When Washing/ Blow Drying 

I've used a few different color care shampoo and conditioners in my day, but I always come back to Garnier Fructis' Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner. The trick with washing red toner or dye is to keep the shampoo and conditioner to a minimum, so I'd say to use about a quarter (as in the coin) size dollop of shampoo and a dime size of conditioner. A little goes a long way for washing color treated hair. Especially with the color red, you want to avoid washing your hair everyday, I wash it every 2 days (Even though it's recommended to only wash red hair twice a week to make sure the color really doesn't get stripped- but I prefer to wash it more than that!!)

After showering, I love to use these two sprays while my hair is still damp. I start by spraying my It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product, which has been a favorite of mine for a few years now! This keeps your hair from getting dried out and helps prevent dead ends. I then spritz a little of my Rusk Deep Shine Color Care Spray, (which smells awesome by the way) and this helps to lock-in color for any hair type or shade!

Next, after both sprays, I blow dry my hair normally with a round brush. I would recommend putting your dryer on low and cool only when you have colored hair. Heat and heat styling tends to strip color the fastest, so it's best to keep the heat to a minimum. Same with styling with curling irons or flat irons, I'd recommend keeping the temperatures as low as possible. 

For days without washing

For those days when I don't wash my hair, I dry shampoo it with Batiste! I've heard great things about this product and actually didn't pick it up since recently, and I love it! I work this under my top and side layers as well as under my hair with a round brush. If your looking for a dry shampoo, I'd highly recommend this one! (Tip: Use Dry Shampoo to volumize curls! Just spray some in after curling your locks for some bounce and volume!)

Happy coloring!

"When words are scarce they are seldom spent in vain"
[Richard II 2.1]

Cheers, x


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