Halloween Tutorials: Vampire ♡ Twenty Thirteen

Halloween is around the corner, and I am so excited. If you know me well, you know that Halloween is my favorite holiday- I've loveeeed it ever since I was a little girl! For the next week, I'm going to be posting some Halloween costume ideas and tutorials! I'm starting off my series with this adorable hippie evil Vampire look [ish]. Many thanks to my beautiful roommate and model Miss Vic. Let's get started!

For her face, I didn't want to completely wash her out and make her white, so I just decided to do a lot of highlighting. I began with BareMineral's Prime Time to prime her face, and went in with Benefit's Erase Paste to conceal any red spots and circles under her eyes. I set this with Mac's Mineralized Skin Finish in Medium Plus. 

For highlighting, I used a combination of Mac's Soft and Gentle and the brightest white shadow of my Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette. I went in with a flat round brush (the one pictured above is from Urban Decay) and I focused the white on her cheekbones and temples. I also made the white shadow a bit thicker by foiling it with Mac's Fix Plus. For instructions on how to foil a shadow/pigment, click here!

Next, I went in and primed her eyes with Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and gave her darker brows than her natural color with the darker shade in my Anastasia Brow Powder Duo. I went ahead and set them with clear mascara. 

As for shadow, I started with Mac's Painterly Paint Pot as a base, and went in with a few different colors from my Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette, mainly the 3 maroon/purple shades on the bottom right of the palette. I recommend starting at the center of the lid with a lighter maroon shade, blending it nicely into Painterly towards your tear duct (so we don't have any harsh lines) and take the darker maroon and purple and blend that towards the outer corner. 

Next, I went in and put tape on each corner of Vic's eyes. I took a dome shaped brush, (a Mac 217 will do just fine) and worked Mac's Carbon (bottom right of this palette) right over the crease between her skin and tape! Remember to blend in the black really well into the maroons you used on the rest of your eye. Peel off that tape and you'll have a beautiful cat eye.

Annnddd the eyes are finished! I added mascara and false lashes, as well as a bit of smudged Carbon (Mac) on her upper lash line. Feel free to add some black eyeliner on your waterline if you prefer that as well. 
Additionally, I took a mix of a few of the maroons in my 88 Palette and Mac's Soft Brown and defined her under eye circles, to make her eyes look a bit sunken. Don't forget to clean up that fallout!

For contour, I put a strong stroke of Benefit's Hoola on each underside of her cheekbones (make a fishy face for this one!), and added some of Mac's Plum Foolery for blush. 

To further emphasis the depth of her cheeks, I took this purplish-grey shade from my 88 Palette on a small dome brush (Mac 217) and went over where I put the bronzer. This gave her cheeks a more sunken, ghoulish look.

Annnddd the part we've all been waiting for...

For her lips, I started off with Mac's Cherry Lipliner, and went in with Urban Decay's Super Saturated Lip Color in Theodora on the sides of her mouth. And then, to add a bit of depth, I went ahead with Revlon's Lip Stain in Crush and put that towards the center of her lips! I also added some of the maroon shadow I put on her eyes at the very center on her upper and lower lips. I dripped some Fake Blood around her mouth! (you can find this at any party store.. or in my case.. Duane Reade..)

And the finished product! Remember to set your makeup with Mac's Fix+ or UD's All Nighter to get that everlasting ghoulish glow... (how cheese..)

I did add a small cross on her right cheekbone as well with my Bobbi Brown Liquid Liner and Angled Brush #55 from Sephora! 

For accessories, we chose this adorable floral crown from Forever 21 and paired it with this cute maroon sweater with gold spikes from Necessary Clothing. Vic added her gorgeous rosary beads, and we decided that black leggings and dark boots finished off the look well!

Stay tuned for a few more Halloween tricks over the next week!

"How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child!"
[King Lear, 1.4]

 Happy (almost) Halloween! 
Cheers, x

PS! follow the lovely Vic on Instagram: @viccccmusnick :)


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