Favorites of Fall Polishes ♡ Twenty Thirteen

Today, I'll be sharing with you all my favorite fall nail polishes for this year! I've already started sporting some of these shades and  I know I will continue to wear them throughout the next few months!

01. OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark- One of my all time favorite nail polishes; I especially adore this color in the fall. This is a nice deep purple-black that compliments any skin tone. It's dark enough to resemble black, but has a nice purple sheen in the light.

02. Essie's Devil Advocate- This is another deep purple-black that is actually quite similar to Lincoln Park After Dark! (I would call this a dupe for it, actually). The consistency is a little different (Essie's texture is a bit creamier than OPI) but it is still a close match and a beautiful color for fall and Halloween!

03. Essie's Wicked- This has been my go-to fall nail color for about eight years (yep, since 7th grade). It's a beautiful maroon, sort of an oxblood shade. This is another great color for October and around Halloween time!

04. Essie's Carry On- This is also another maroon by Essie, but it has a bit more of a purple/ brown tint as opposed to the deep red of Wicked. I love this color for late fall because it's a shade that transitions into winter nicely.

05. Urban Outfitter's Mystic- One of the coolest colors I own! This is a blue nail polish with red, purple, and iridescent rainbow sparkles! It's absolutely gorgeous and super cool for every day wear or for a special Halloween manicure.

06. Butter London's British Racing Green- If you're in search of a deep emerald green, this is the color for you! BRG is one of my favorites because you can easily build it up to a really dark green, or keep it light with one or two coats!

07. Butter London's Wallis- This shade is a super cool iridescent gold-green. It's perfect to compliment any special occasion attire for it adds a sweet metallic shine. I love love love this for a fall look.

08. American Apparel's Meteor Shower Glitter- My favorite gold glitter I own! This looks gorgeous on any or all ten fingers. You can build up the glitter to your pleasing and it's perfect for a sparkly Halloween look!

Mix and match these to create beautiful fall or Halloween looks!

Happy painting!

"Yet do I fear thy nature;
It is too full o' the milk of human kindness
To catch the nearest way."
[Macbeth 1.5]

Cheers! x

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PPS: check out my feature in Teen Vogue! many many thanks to Michele Peralta! <3

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