Halloween Tutorials: Sexy Skulls ♡ Twenty Thirteen

Welcome to the third post in my Halloween Series! Today, I got to make the beautiful Vic and handsome John into a rad skull couple! It's honestly so easy to create this look, it just needs a bit of practice. 

After priming, I started by highlighting the entirety of their faces with Mac's Marilyn Monroe shadow in  Preferred Blonde. I used a wet angled brush (with Mac's Fix+) to apply the shimmer. You can use white face paint for this step as well, but I wanted a more shimmery look. 

Vic with just the highlight shimmer on her face !

The next step is drawing! I used two different pencils for this, Urban Decay's 24/7 Liner in Zero and a Revlon liner in Black. The shapes and lines are relatively simple, circles around the eyes, a long squiggle on each jaw, and black on the nose. I honestly just followed a photo and got great results!

A Closer Look at John....

A Closer Look at Vic....

I started by priming the eyes with Mac's Painterly, and filled in the eyes, nose, and jaw squiggles with UD's 24/7 Pencil. I then mattified the black liner with a flat shader brush and Mac's Carbon. I mixed this shade with a bit of Mac's Fix+ to make it more of a paste. (Putting the shadow over the liner will also set the black color in each area!)

And the final result.....

Don't forget to conceal and highlight the lips! I used Benefit's Erase Paste to conceal the lips with some of Mac's Preferred Blonde (just as I used on the face). I then went in with one of the black liners and created parallel stitches across both of their mouths!

We had so much fun creating this look and it's honestly an easy process that has sick results!

Happy (ALMOST!!!) Halloween!!
Many thanks to Vic and John !

"Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful."
[Measure for Measure 1.3]

Cheers! x


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