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I've always been inspired by graffiti.
Pretty sure at one point in my life I wanted to become a graffiti artist. (How random is that?)
Street art is something I adore, my favorites have to be those awesome artists you find in Europe drawing the Mona Lisa with chalk on the sidewalk.

I love love love that.

Anyway, I went downtown to Canal street last night to go to this cool boutique.
Despite the somewhat sketchy atmosphere at 8 at night, it's a really cool setting to discover tons of street art.
The walls are COVERED in graffiti. Whether it be markings, drawings, or actual statements, there are literally no doors or walls that are bare.

And then I found it- this beautiful statement:

Surrounded with other words and markings, behold "Earth is Paradise."

I made my friend stop in the middle of this desolate street so I could snap a photo to Instagram. She recited, "We're gonna get kidnapped!!!"

It was too Instagram worthy to pass up. 

.... perhaps earth is as close to paradise as we'll ever know in this life...

Regardless, it's messages like these that make me feel so inspired to just try to do everything I've ever wanted to. 
So, this post is a thank you, to whoever illegally wrote this on the metal door of a seemingly abandoned warehouse near Canal street.

I love finding random inspiration like this. It finds you, and it's quite fufilling.

"A smile re-cures the wounding of a frown"
[Venus & Adonis 1.1.445]

Cheers, x
- A

P.S. I have the Format stuck in my head so I felt the need to share..... 


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