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Welcome to the first of many Avon Product Reviews. As an Avon Representative and makeup connoisseur,  I decided to do product reviews on Avon products for anyone who is interested in purchasing Avon makeup from me. It's important that you guys are happy with the products you choose, so this is merely a guide to my favorite Avon products to inspire you.
I will also be comparing any Avon products I review with high-end makeup.
 * D I S C L A I M E R : No Avon products in these posts are sent to me for free. All of the products I review are purchased by me. *

[Taken from Avon.com]

During my first time flipping through a mark catalogue sent to me by Avon, I was immediately drawn to a page in the fifteenth campaign that displayed blushes and highlighters. My eye immediately went to the above photo, mark's Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes All Over Face Palette so I decided to order it a long with a few other Avon products. 

Packaging wise, I really love the mark packaging overall, but especially the sleekness of this particular highlighter. The compact is a square, silky, deep brown- with bright pink modern writing. It is extremely contemporary and user friendly. The compact contains a mirror on the inside, along with the shimmer cubes. 

This palette has nine shimmer cubes, creamy to the touch, but still powdery enough to pick up with a stippling brush. The colors range from pinks, to ambers, to champagnes, and when mixed together, a gorgeous pinky-amber shimmer is given off. 
As you can see in the above photo, I've swatched all nine on my hand beside the palette, and they all give off a distinct sheen. These colors are thick and pigmented on their own or mixed together. The range of the shades is extremely versatile, for one can get many different combinations at the touch of a finger.

Two of my favorite ways to apply Touch & Glow ::
1. Stippling Brush- Here, I'm using Mac's 188 stippling brush (my favorite highlighter brush) to apply my Touch & Glow. I find that if you want to mix the colors together, these kind of brushes are the best option, for they are airy- but still durable enough to pick up pigment from every inch of the cubes. To highlight the face properly, use a stippling brush with your Touch & Glow-- highlight the cheekbones, T-zone and cupid's bow.
2. Fingers- Since Touch & Glow is extremely creamy to the touch, it is easy to use your fourth finger to pick up the color on the palette and blend into your skin. This method would be more precise color wise, if you prefer to only use the pinks/ ambers/ or champagnes of this palette.
I like the versatility of the cubes- for they are creamy, but can still be picked up by a brush!

To truly put mark's Touch & Glow to the test, I decided to compare it to my favorite highlighters of all time, Mac's Soft & Gentle and Christian Dior's Amber Diamond.

Comparing at price range-
1. mark's Touch & Glow- $16
2. Mac's Soft & Gentle- $30
3. Christian Dior's Amber Diamond- $45 >> (Baby disclaimer- I would never spend this much on a highlighter- I bought this with a Sephora gift card I received for my birthday!!)

Clearly, one would think the disparity of pricing would truly show which of the products are better- a pretty controversial topic in the makeup world. But I digress, for when comparing these, the swatches are all pretty pigmented for all three. True, the overall quality of the higher end ones is better, however, Avon's Touch & Glow is simply a cheaper and pretty good alternative.

Most of all, the shades of these highlighters are different. Touch & Glow gives off a more pinky highlight (all cubes), while Soft & Gentle is more champagne, and Amber Diamond is more, well, amber! But I'm honestly pretty impressed with Touch & Glow, for it is comparable to these higher-end brands. 

Overall, I really like Touch & Glow by mark. I believe it is an awesome alternative to many higher end highlighters, and I like that the cubes are creamy. I believe this is especially a great product for summer traveling, or just traveling in general, for it is less likely to shatter or break in makeup bags since it is not totally a powder. 
I would most definitely recommend trying out this highlighter, I really find it to be a great product.

++ Happy highlighting

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