July Favorites ♡ Twenty Thirteen

01. Photo: I accidentally took this while I was photographing some stuff in my room. Love when that happens and it comes out as an awesome stretched light shot (excuse my total non-artsy description of that).


02. Wall Art: Stickygrams! I adore these and just ordered more for my apartment refrigerator at school! Stickygram is a website where you sign in through your Instagram and can order magnetic squares of your photos. Absolutely genius and I love how they look>> be sure to check out Stickygram if you haven't yet! 

03. Phone Accessory: I absolutely adore this new phone case I got from Shopjeen. It's "melted" pink top and white bottom compliments anyone looking for a girly case. It's a hard shell, so not only is it adorable, it is durable as well! Check out Shopjeen's melting cases here.

Skincare / Makeup

04. Neutrogena's Clear Pore Cleanser / Mask- I may do a blog post discussing this product more thoroughly, but in short, early this month I discovered that I had a bit of an allergic reaction to Salicylic Acid (an ingredient in about 98% of skin cleansers). With that said, I discovered that I can now only use products with Benzoyl Peroxide, and I found this particular cleanser from Neutrogena with BP as it's strongest ingredient. Not only have I noticed a difference in the clarity of my skin, but I have also noticed that this cleanser has worked brilliantly to soften, brighten, and reduce redness in my complexion. This is probably my new favorite cleanser and I would recommend trying it for any skin type whatsoever!

05. Urban Decay's Eyeshadows in 'Beware' and 'West' from The Great & Powerful Oz Collection- I've been adoring these two shades lately for my crease and outer V of my eye. "Beware" is a nice matte nude that is perfect on any part of the eyelid- it is very close to UD's "Buck" from the Naked Palette, however, it is a bit lighter in shade. "West" is a gorgeous deep metallic brown that is perfect for creating a smokey brown eye. I've been loving using "West" on my lower lash line as well this month. 

06. Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush in 'Tipsy'- I have finally gotten around to purchasing one of these! This is my first clay blush from Tarte, and I have to admit, I've been using it every single day since I purchased it. "Tipsy" is a beautiful, bright coral that is gorgeous on any complexion for summer, and the wear and consistency of this stuff is off the charts. It lasts all day and is perfect for normal to oily skin for it keeps your face looking matte hours on end. I cannot wait to go to Sephora and purchase another shade of this blush as soon as I can!

07. Topshop Lipstick in 'Macaroon'- I purchased this lipstick at the Topshop in Soho because I was drawn to its unique color. While it resembles a normal bright pink, it actually has some nuance of coral in it's undertone, and creates a pretty summer lip that surely stands out. This being my first Topshop lipstick, I have noticed that I really like the creamy consistency of it however it is so creamy that the lipstick may be easy to break. If well taken care of though, this is a shade and product worth buying.

08. Mac's Lipstick in 'Impassioned'- I've been eyeing this lipstick for quite a while now, and I am so happy I finally have purchased it. My swatch above is deceiving, for this lipstick is super super bright and looks almost matte when applied. This is a gorgeous, bright, strawberry pink and is a must have for any Mac Lipstick fiends. Check out my Lake George post to see how it looks on my complexion (Photo no.8)

09. OPI's Alpine Snow- I absolutely adore thick, white nail polish any time of the year, but I especially like it for summer when it enhances the glow of your tan. I ran out of my Essie Blanc at the end of June, and wanted to purchase a different brand of white polish to see if I would like it better. As it turns out, I decided to get Alpine Snow and I absolutely love it! It can be sheer with one coat but builds up nicely with a few more. 

Fashion Purchase 

10. 'Homiès New York' Graphic Tee- Ever since I stumbled upon this concept shirt while browsing Brian Lichtenberg's site, (his version is slightly different) I knew I wanted it or something similar. Since Lichtenberg's shirt runs for $60, I knew I could find a cheaper and extremely similar alternative on another site. Low and behold, I found it on Shopjeen for exactly half the price! The design is slightly different and the print underneath says "New York" instead of "South Central" like the Lichtenberg ones, however, I feel as if the "NY" is more appropriate anyway (;. The look and wear of the shirt is the same, and I'm very happy to have gotten something so similar, if not cuter, for half the price!


01. 'The Crypt Thief' which is the book I've been reading and finally finished this month- stay tuned for a book review! 02. Stuffed French Toast @ the Sagamore in LG, NY. 03. Pool @ the Sagamore in LG, NY. 04. A sweet shot I got of some of the town nightlife in LG, NY.

Here's to a so far amazing summer and an even better start to fall soon.

"In a false quarrel there is no true valor"
[Much Ado About Nothing 5.1]

Cheers! x


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