Weekly Wears in July ♡

Earlier this weekend, Miss Lindsey and I went shopping in Soho. We made a pit stop at 42nd street, however, and stumbled upon this awesome lit up American Flag- and we couldn't resist to stop and take some photos.

I sported a cropped bodice top from Necessary Clothing with a black circle skirt from Forever 21. To break up the strong colors of black and gold, I decided to pair these pieces with a light denim vest from Forever 21 and a white, gold studded bag from Nordstrom's.

I completed this outfit with adorable little distressed cowboy booties from Forever 21, and obviously, my beloved royal blue Clubmaster Ray Bans.

In addition, I sported my usual wing liner, and leather arm candy. I paired this ensemble with a delicate sideways cross necklace from Etsy and a few midi rings from Urban Outfitters.

"My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy"
[Henry VI 3.1]

Cheers! x


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