Week 09: Summer Twenty Thirteen ♡

01. Firework show in the backyard, basically. 02. Extremely photogenic pastries. 03. Pizza @ Cheesecake earlier in the week with Miss Megan and Miss Liz. 04. My pretty bowl of raspberries from the other day... lol. 05. Makeup for the other day:: gold & bronze. 06. Dinner @ Gentleman Farmer NYC> favorites. 07. Miss Lilly and myself- thank god for this reunion in NYC. 08. Filet Mignon w/ Foie Gras @ Gentleman Farmer NYC. 09. A 'Reason's to Smile' text that I received the other day that honestly kind of inspired me a bit (how cheesy).

Hope everyone had a lovely summer week!

And on a more serious note, RIP Cory Monteith- truly so sad and tragic.

"Praise us as we are tasted, allow us as we prove"
[Troilus & Cressida 3.2]

Cheers! x


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