How To: Make Matte Topcoat

I adore the look of matte nails and I've been eyeing to buy a matte topcoat for a while, however, I've always stopped myself because it's honestly so easy and fast to make. This is what you need ::

Baking Soda
Nail Polish (Color of your choice)
Normal topcoat (preferably pick one you have you won't mind dumping into a cup- this one is Seche Vite)
Bathroom cups (with cute owls of course)
Nail polish remover
Cotton rounds
Nail file
Cuticle butter (optional)

First things first, remove the nail polish you already have on with the cotton rounds and nail polish remover and feel free to file your nails/ use the cuticle butter to soften your cuticles. 
Next, paint your nails as you normally would. Here, I'm using my favorite black, Nars' Backroom (Limited edition) but any color of your choice would do just fine. 

Let your nails dry for a bit, and go ahead and start making your topcoat.

Pour some of the regular topcoat into a bathroom cup like so---

And grab your spoon and get your baking soda ready.

Now, a little goes a long way for this topcoat. Take about a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda and mix it into the topcoat with a toothpick. Keep adding more and more of the topcoat little by little until the topcoat mixture is thick and slightly white (it's gonna start to look like a sugary paste that would go over cookies). Make sure, though, that there is more topcoat than baking soda in the mixture. Too much baking soda will make the mixture too powdery!

Go ahead and dip your brush into the new mixture of topcoat and paint over your nails!

Aaaand you're done.
Super easy with a beautiful result!

Happy nail painting:]

"Things done well and with a care, exempt themselves from fear"
[Henry VIII 1.2]

Cheers! x


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