DIY: Cute Masons ♡ College Decor Ideas

I love mason jars. They're vintage looking, pretty, and less than two dollars each at most places. Here's a cute DIY inspired by Miss Lindsey that I decided to do for my college apartment this year :) Enjoy! 

1. "Kerr" or "Ball" Jars: You can find these at any dollar store or at Michael's for 1.29 each.
2. Acrylic paints (any color of your choice)
3. These little sponge paint brushes that can be found at Michael's.
4. (Optional) Glitter Paint (this will come into play later..)


You may want to work on a newspaper or a piece of cardboard like I'm doing here! Pour your paint out onto a palette, plate, or whatever you're working on and get your sponge nice and drenched on one complete side.

Next, go ahead and start painting the inside of your jar, I like to start from the bottom up so it's cleaner and easier. After one coat, go back and cover any streaks. I found that with the lighter pink, it was pretty opaque immediately, so if you are using a thick whitish color like the one above, you shouldn't need more than one coat and some touch ups!

As for the darker pink, you can see it was a bit more streaky, so I had to give these jars about two coats and some touch ups to get them as opaque as I wanted. Feel free to leave them a bit streaky if you're planning on putting a candle inside, that'd look pretty cool.

Now that the jars are painted, it's time to make use out of those little silver rings that go on top. (Feel free to also do this to the third, cover piece on the jar; if you wanted to).
I'm grabbing my Martha Stewart Glitter Paint in Silver with another little sponge brush, and I'm going to paint these as well. NOTE: It took me about 4 coats to get the amount of glitter I wanted with this specific paint, but the coats may vary depending on what glitter paint you're working with!

and we're doneee... simple, easy, affordable and adorable!

You can use these for a ton of different things as well, they're quite versatile..

Anddd.. you can even surprise your roommate with them ;) ... jk, she knows I made them but whatever..

Happy painting!

"Let every eye negotiate for itself and trust no agent"
[Much Ado About Nothing 2.1]

Cheers! x

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