Jordan Taylor S|S 2013 Collection ♡ Review

Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many fashion line reviews! Today I will be reviewing Jordan Taylor | Elif for Jordan Taylor's Spring-Summer 2013 Collection! Jordan Taylor is a resort-wear line based in New York City that has been around for a little over 30 years, and has primarily been focused on beach wear and swim wear during the past decade. The clothes are not only beautifully cut to suit a variety of body types, but are also extremely effortless in appearance and wear. The S|S 2013 collection is full of color, simplicity, and sheer elegance!

Part 1 | Elif for Jordan Taylor

The first three looks from Elif for Jordan Taylor are perhaps my favorite of the entire collection. Each of these looks consist of bright ombré silhouettes ranging from reds to purples and green to blue. They are all extremely wearable, girly, and fun for the summer transition into fall.
To me, these garments a reminiscent of Greek Mythology. I can literally picture the Goddess Athena walking through the Parthenon in the first red-purple ombré ensemble, Persephone in the green-blue high low dress, and Aphrodite in the short, red-purple tunic. There is a certain charisma that radiates from these particular looks- and I love it!

These next five looks are also from Elif for Jordan Taylor, and they are a nice range of neutral tones. Look 1 (farthest to the left) is a cute beige tunic (very similar to the one I coined as 'Aphrodite' above) with a tie waist and v neck. Look 2 (left to right) is a clean cut, light white maxi dress (also with a tie waist). Look 3 is a black swimsuit paired with a long black mesh pant that is perfect for slightly colder days. Look 4 is a nice light beige high-low tank dress, and finally, the fifth look is a cute tie-skirt over a white bikini!

I really like the flow of these looks and they are all extremely cohesive when lined up together. The garments as a whole give off an extremely cool and sleek vibe. I love the mesh material used in every look here, because it's light enough for summer and thick enough for the crisp autumn days to come, not to mention, durable enough to withstand the outdoors for hours (plus, it's probably pretty easy to clean!) Each of the pieces are extremely modern, chic, and fashion forward. They work collectively to create a line that any girl would want to have in their closet!!

Part 2 | Jordan Taylor

These next four looks are from Jordan Taylor's Spring | Summer collection. Look 1 (farthest to the left) is a long blue maxi dress, with a deep v-neck and bell sleeve. Look 2 (left to right) is an adorable orange short lounge dress. Look 3 is a longer white tunic (similar to Look 1 from EJT and the 'Aphrodite' tunic) with a tie, and finally, the fourth look is a cute, long, orange maxi with a tube top bodice.

Two words for this group of garments: effortless and ease. I like that each are extremely versatile for any body type and will look good on everyone and anyone! I also really like that the movement of the fabric is captured in each of these still photos.

Finally, these last four Jordan Taylor looks are a strong ending to a fun collection for Spring/ Summer 2013. Look 1 is a long, grey, tunic with a longer sleeve, perhaps for a more mature client, while the second look is more of a fun, cap-sleeve white hoodie for perhaps a younger client. Looks 3 and 4 are extremely close in overall appearance, however, the fourth look differs with a tie at the waist, while the third look is a more draped version of the latter.

 These four are perhaps my second favorite group out of both collections, for these pieces capture a certain nuance of hardness and durability. A similar type of mesh is used in this collection as is in Elif for Jordan Taylor, which again, embraces modernity and gives the clothes a distinct, cool vibe. 


I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Jordan Taylor's showroom in the garment district and I picked up two pieces from their line!

First Piece: White Cap Sleeve Hoodie

The first piece I picked up is this adorable white-cap sleeved hoodie that is perfect for transition into fall! The pattern mimics lace, and although this is made as a beach-cover up, it can honestly be worn and transformed into anything-- perhaps even a dress or a shirt. I love the lightness of the fabric and the delicacy of the pattern!

Second Piece: Short High Low Tank Dress 

The next piece I got is a short high-low black mesh tank dress that I absolutely loveeeee! If you know me, you know that this is something that could potentially become a staple in my wardrobe because it has the ability to totally transform into anything! I love the texture of the mesh and I am so excited to style this piece for fall. 

(Stay tuned for a weekly wear or two feat. these pieces from Jordan Taylor's Spring | Summer 2013 Collection!)

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