Nostalgic Sunsets


 I feel idyllic these days, or maybe this whole month; I think every August strikes me with a weird romantic/melancholic mood, perhaps because I know it is the end of Summer. So I enjoy taking photos in sunsets, in almost abandoned fields ( I remember how much I used to play as a child in this place) and just fill myself up with that Summertime sadness. 
I really love this set of photos, my mother did a great job (after so many stressful sessions with me, I am sure she got better) and she also told me that I look like from a different era with that headband, that I do not resemble like her child, haha, while smiling with a hint of pride and some bitterness. An interesting compliment wouldn't you say?

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 Wearing: self made dress, random brand bracelets, Parfois headband, vintage earrings

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